How to Delete Duplicate Pictures on Mac???

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Pictures are really mean to be the most precious data that everybody likes to have and preserve them for their lifetime as photos allows users to enjoy past real time events in their near future. In order to save these photos, they prefer computers and laptops as data storage drives because it provides large data storage capacity. Among which, Mac OS X based systems developed by Apple Inc. are highly preferred as it the standard operating system which offers several advantageous features. People save all the valuable photos onto hard drive of their Mac machines so that at any point of time they can have a look on the past golden moments. And, sometimes in hurry they end up copying photos for multiple times in the same folder which in turn creates duplicate copies of the same image files. These duplicate pictures create a great confusion for you regarding which pictures are original.

The most important disadvantage of duplicate images on Mac is that these duplicates do nothing but eat up disk space on your computer and makes you to face low disk space error message. Duplicate number of photo files on Mac not only hogs memory space, but it also results in slow running Mac machine which makes the system unresponsive to your actions thereby reacting sluggish. Well, you can get rid of duplicate images in Mac by deleting them, but to find duplicate photos in Mac is a cumbersome and time consuming process. Therefore, employing third party duplicate photo finder Mac is the right choice to remove duplicate photos on Mac and free disk space thereby making your Mac machine run faster. So, if you have duplicate photos on your Mac system and looking out for a way to delete duplicate pictures on Mac, then the ultimate application available is Remo MORE.

MORE suit is built with high end scanning algorithms which deeply scans the Mac hard disk to find and delete duplicate images in Mac machines. It is the most easy to use, quick and safest way of getting rid of duplicate pictures that in turn helps you in recovering huge amount of wasted disk space. Here, the software comes with two different options i.e. find duplicate photos in folders and find duplicate pictures in drive. Based on the option you select, the software starts searching for the duplicate pictures in either drives or folders. Remo MORE application comes totally free that means for deleting duplicate copies of images on your Mac system, you need not have to get charge even a single penny. One can rest assured using this utility to get rid of duplicate pictures as this does not causes any data loss situation.

This effective duplicate photo finder Mac software comes up with simple, easy to use interface that even a non-technical person can use this software to find duplicate photos in Mac and delete them easily and quickly without facing any difficulty. The software has attractive and instructive screenshots by viewing which user does not require any third persons help. MORE software has become a buzz in the software industry due to its superb performance. One can use Remo MORE tool to remove duplicate photos on Mac with all its versions such as Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and so forth. This fascinating software not only allows you to delete duplicate pictures on Mac, but can also be used to erase duplicates from other storage drives like external hard drives, memory cards, iPods and many other digital gadgets on Mac systems. The tool is compatible enough with various devices running with Mac operating system like MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, etc. Along with photo files, this application can remove duplicates of other file types like music, videos, documents, movies, etc.

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Easy steps to find duplicate photos in Mac using MORE:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE on hard drive of your Mac machine. Run the software and tap on “Optimize” option. Then, select “Remove Duplicates” option to delete duplicate pictures on Mac as illustrated in Figure 1.

Find Duplicate Photos in Mac - Select Remove Duplicates Option

Step2: Now, choose “Find Duplicate – Drive” or “Find Duplicate – Folder” based on your search requirement to find duplicate photos in Mac as illustrated in Figure 2.

Find Duplicate Photos in Mac - Choose Finder Option

Step3: If you have selected “Find Duplicate – Drive” option, then select the drive to remove duplicate photos on Mac and click on Scan as illustrated in Figure 3.

Find Duplicate Photos in Mac - Select Drive

Step4: The software starts scanning the selected drive for duplicate images. All the duplicate photos will be displayed with a checkbox in front of them as illustrated in Figure 4.

Find Duplicate Photos in Mac - Duplicate Files Displayed

Step5: Choose the duplicate photos and click either “Delete Permanently” or “Move to Trash” option as illustrated in Figure 5. All the duplicate pictures will get deleted.

Find Duplicate Photos in Mac - Duplicate Files Deleted

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